Recorder Controller can control multiples BlackMagic Design HyperDeck Studio or Studio Pro.

You can send simple commands, records with custom clips name and more.



  • Send simple commands (Play, Stop, Record, Fast forward, Rewind)
  • Use custom record clips name with patterns for each devices
  • Monitor all your recorders
  • Display transport, slots, configurations, disk, formats informations
  • Copy configuration from a Device to all others with one single click

More features will come. Do you want a specific feature ? Contact our Team


Monitoring :

Recorder Controller monitor your devices for you :

  • All your device stay recording
  • Recorder Controller relaunch record if your device stop
  • If auto-relaunch is not working, Recorder Controller alert you with an alarm
  • If you want, you can mute this alarm
  • Remaining time alert